AAT #049: J Sun 7 Au

Heatwave – THE JAM (from Setting Sons LP)
The Mysterious “J” – LAURIE ANDERSON (from The Ugly One with the Jewels and Other Stories)
7th Message – PREFUSE 73
Son of Sam – ELLIOTT SMITH (from Figure 8)
Baggs – L7 (from Every Band Has a Shonen Knife Who Loves Them)
I Am The Black Gold of the Sun – ROTARY CONNECTION
Seven Seas of Love – SPIELGUSHER (from Spielgusher)
Au – JULIET (from Random Order)
Face Down in the Gutter – QUINTRON and MISS PUSSYCAT
Seven or in 10 – THE GERALDINE FIBBERS (from Butch)
Suffragette City – GOLDEN DELICIOUS (from Crash Course for the Ravers: a Tribute to the Songs of David Bowie)
Walkin’ in the Sunshine – ROGER MILLER
Son of Blubber – EBOLA SOUP
Mondo ’77 – LOOPER (from The Geometrid)
House of the Rising Sun – 9th WARD MARCHING BAND
Potato Head Blues – LOUIS ARMSTRONG & THE HOT 7
Nationale 7 – STEREO TOTAL (from Musique Automatique)
Climbing the Sun – THE BREEDERS, FEATURING ERIKA NOISE (from a Breeders Digest fan club EP)
Seven – THE BILLY NAYER SHOW (from The Billy Nayer Show)
I Was a Sunny Rainphase – STEREOLAB (from Fab Four Suture)
Smoggy Bog – THE ALIENS
Sally Go ‘Round the Roses – THE JAYNETTS
3:7:8 – EMERGENCY BROADCAST NETWORK (from Telecommunication Breakdown)
Porpoise Song – NOBODY
Shakin’ Sugar – JAY BENNETT & EDWARD BURCH (from The Palace at 4 a.m. [Part 1])
Bright Yellow Gun – THROWING MUSES (from University)
76 – BILLY OCEANS (from Caribou Queen)

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