aat #044 entreating the gods for rain 01/05/12

rainmaker – SPARKLEHORSE (from Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot)
i see the rain – THE MARMALADE (from Nuggets II)
didn’t it rain – THE KLEZMATICS with JOSHUA NELSON & KATHRYN FARMER (from Brother Moses Smote the Water)
looks like it’s going to rain – KEN NORDINE (from Word Jazz, Vol. 1)
tropical storm – OLIVER BROWN (from Eats Five Hot Dogs)
rain of earth – THE STONES THROW SINGERS (from Dimension Mix)
walking in the rain – GRACE JONES (from Nightclubbing)
stormy weather – PERE UBU (from Datapanik in the Year Zero box set)
the rain – MISSY ELLIOTT (from Supadupafly)
the sun and the rain – MADNESS (from Absolute Madness)
about the weather – MAGAZINE (from Rays & Hail)
hey mr. rain – THE VELVET UNDERGROUND (from Another View)
don’t rain on my parade – BARBRA STREISAND (from Funny Girl)
i wish it would rain – NANCY GRIFFITH (from The MCA Years)
water – GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION (from In Yo’ Face – The History of Funk, Vol. 4)
green rain – SHUGO TOKUMARU (from Exit)
rain – ERASURE (from Cowboy)
thank goodness for the rain – PEANUT (from One Kiss Can Lead to Another: Girl Group Sounds, Lost & Found)
Water My Flowers – MRS. JANIE HUNTER (from Been in the Storm So Long)
what have they done with the rain – MALVINA REYNOLDS (from Ear to the Ground: Topical Songs 1960 – 1978)
storm in my house – THE MINUTEMEN (from Double Nickels on the Dime)
singin’ in the rain – CLIFF “UKULELE IKE” EDWARDS (from Singin’ in the Rain)
in the city in the rain – THE 6THS (from Wasps’ Nests)
here comes the flood – ROBERT FRIPP (from Exposure [Third Edition])
brown rain – CHRISTIAN MARCLAY (from Records)

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