aat #042 – occupy eleven (11.03.11)

goody goody – ella fitzgerald (from ‘get happy’)
north sea bubble – billy bragg (from ‘don’t try this at home’)
“The W.A.N.D. (The Will Always Negates Defeat)” – flaming lips (from ‘at war with the mystics’)
you want it, they got it – the redskins (45 single)
destroyed fortress reappears – the oh sees (from ‘help’)
real world – husker du (from the ‘metal circus’ EP)
poison dart – the bug (from ‘london zoo’)
the more i see, the less i believe – fun boy three (45 single)
fire brigade – the move (move – fly records)
express yourself – charles wright & the watts 103rd street rhythm band (in yo’ face – rhino records)
90 degrees – ladytron (gravity the seducer – nettwerk)
wild in the streets – garland jeffreys (ghost writer – a & m records)
music – cornelius (sensuous)
uprising (parts 1 and 2) – antibalas with jojo qou (africafunk)
we are all prostitutes – the pop group (45 single)
one bad apple – the osmonds (osmonds – mgm records)
paper & iron – xtc (black sea)
money – o’jays
freaky people – evolution control committee (all rights reserved)
in san francisco – the residents (eskimo)
the song of the dignity of labour under capital – art bears (the world as it is today)
disguises – the minutemen (the punch line – sst)
i wanna destroy you – the soft boys (underwater moonlight – matador reissue)
drugs – talking heads (fear of music)
up against the wall – tom robinson band (45 single)
i’ll meet you halfway – the partridge family (at home with their greatest hits – bell)
rainbow flag – matmos (supreme balloon)
a change is gonna come – sam cooke (portrait of a legend – abkco)

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