AAT #035 (03.03.11) — CULTS

sun ra, est, and the jejune institute. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS SHOW.

light in the sky – MONKS OF DOOM
Praying Hands – DEVO
The Life You Preferred – ONEIDA
Trippy Green Skull – DAN DEACON
Mama Made Me Do It – VOICE FARM
Stone God – LES BAXTER
Baboon Goddess Procession – NANNY EATING DINGOES
Persuasive Conditioning – BRAN FLAKES
Gun Sale at the Church – BUDDY BLUE
When You’re Near Me I Have Difficulty – XTC
Crazy for You (But not that Crazy) – MAGNETIC FIELDS
Letting Go of God (excerpt) – JULIA SWEENEY
Freak-a-zoid – MIDNIGHT STAR
Neolithic Female Goddess – CLUB FOOT ORCHESTRA
The Bewitched: Scene 2 – Exercises in Harmony and Counterpoint are Tried in a Court of Ancient Ritual – HARRY PARTCH
Crazy Cult (excerpt) – MARIA BAMFORD
Breatharian Chants – BREATHARIANS
Christianity and the Cults, Joseph Smith, Brainwashing at the Cuckoo Club – NEGATIVLAND
In Heaven (The Lady in the Radiator Song) – PETER IVERS
Priestess – IMAAD WASIF
Kiss Me, Son of God – THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS
The Quest (excerpt) – AFRO CULT FOUNDATION

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