AAT #025 (03-04-10): March Forth

Hi Everyone.

I’m stealing Otis Fodder‘s (of the Bran Flakes) genius idea (by the way, you should listen to his radio show, Friendly Persuasion) and including some youtube videos on here along with the playlists. Also by the way, the Bran Flakes were featured in this month’s show (so I don’t feel so bad about ripping off Otis’ blog idea). This month’s theme was March Forth (the only day of the year that is also a command), and you can listen to the whole thing (or download it) here.

Here’s what we played (along with some vids of the same songs – or related stuff – interspersed):

The Residents – Stars & Hank Forever
Dumbo – Pink Elephants on Parade

Derrick Morgan – Forward March (from “Old Skool Ska”)
Zombies – Walking in the Sun
Howard Finster – When the Saints Go Marchin’ In
Devo – Jerkin’ Back and Forth

Bit Shifter – March of the Nucleotides
A Bit of Music By DJ Eye (Boredoms)
S. Clark & The Origin Lodge – Alchemist Generals of Origin Lodge
Ella Fitzgerald – My Kind of Boy
Bran Flakes – Marchy March

Joe Meek – March of the Dribcots
The Fibonaccis – March to Heaven
Origin Lodge – Silence the Cauldron
The Velvet Underground – Run Run Run
Reggie Watts – Lumberjack Trousers
Tom Waits – Heigh Ho
Martin Denny – March of the Siamese Children
Ventures – A Go Go Dancer

Jenks “Tex” Carman – Hilo March
Miniatures – Track 6 (Quentin Crisp)
Jay Reatard – Pull Down the Shades
Origin Lodge – Kelek’s Start
Rufus Thomas – Walkin’ the Dog

Origin Lodge – Cancun w/Dr. Clark Suggestion 16
Leonard Nimoy – I Walk the Line
Art Blakey & His Jazz Messengers
Of Montreal – The March of the Gay Parade


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