AAT#018 (08-06-09): UBgyll UBventure Tree

We were out of town for our second Thursday-night webcast, but the show must go on. Luckily for our listeners, dAS and Ninah sat in for us, and played songs exclusively from compilations. We’re calling the show, UBgyll UBventure TrUB. The second half of the 4-hour mega-show, webcast as the regularly scheduled 9thUBradio immediately afterward, can be downloaded here.

If you’ve never listened to UB, this is a fine place to start. Noise, art rock, industrial music, even stuff on the edge of pop. You just never know what’s going to come next.

Flutes, Whistles and Ocarinas – Susan Rawcliffe
Will? – Maybe Mental (not sure which track. they were on Dry Lungs vols. I and III but not II)
Willie V.2 – J. Allen Williams
Deconstruction In D. Minor – Trance
Funny Funny – The Bran Flakes
Crybaby Duck – ECC
I Don’t Believe in Evolution – ECC
Yesterday Man – Robert Wyatt
Don Alfonso – Mike Oldfield
Go and Sit Upon the Grass – Ivor Cutler
Tehuan – Suraya
The Post-Asiatic Lost War Dream Music
The Jet Black Hair People
bleached point 1-6 [11/99 mix of Steev Hise’s Original] – Wobbly
Fast Talk – Negativland
Are We Not Clowns? We Are Bozo – The Firemen
Mongoloid – The Deadliner?
a bunch of stuff we don’t know what it was
something by Snakefinger
Blue Rosebud – The Residents

Sorry, we’re relying on back-announcing for this playlist, and said back-announcing was sorely lacking in the second half of the show. If you want to know who all that music was by, ask dAS & Ninah!

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