AAT #016 (06-19-09): Up-to-Date with Dr. Todd

This show was originally webcast soon after David Letterman made an infamous joke about a Palin daughter, and the right wing went nuts. Ironically, as I finally get around to typing up the playlist four months later, Dave has just admitted sleeping with several female staff members. I haven’t heard of any protestors outside the Late Night studios. Anyway, there you have it: you’re now Up-to-Date with Dr. Todd.

Wait, who’s Dr. Todd? Well, Dr. Todd is one of the main driving forces behind popular blog, The Ripple Effect. He’s starting his own boutique record label, Ripple. In 2009? In the middle of a terrible recession? Yes. Because he is obsessed. Because he is a true believer in the power of music. Because he wants everyone to have a chance to hear the music he loves. And because he has superhuman levels of energy and a little spare cash.

On this show, we featured a bunch of recent Immersion Composition Society recordings, plus some special records brought in by Dr. Todd and Corinne.

Untitled – Michael Mellender, as Operation Kill Dr. Steven Clark
? – Dooie & Clark
Vera – A.M.
Tippecanoe – Kelek
(Holiday for Strings)
The Abba Dabba Doo Dance – The Coctails
Mystery Date – Voice Farm
Berlin – Brazilian Girls
While You Wait for the Others – Grizzly Bear
(Instrumental – Dren McDonald)
Raymond Scott Homage – Dren McDonald
Untitled – Michael Mellender, as Operation Kill Dr. Steven Clark
Instrumental – Dooie & Clark
Haiku #2 – Andy Cowitt
Meat Song – Karry Walker, aka Ultralash
(Buddhist Monk Chanting)
El abujero – Juanita y los Feos
Zombie Attack – Rock ‘n’ Roll Monkey & the Robots
Had Enough of Your Lies – The Garage Gods
Songreal – Mod Amish
Surprise, Surprise – X
Aeon – Antony & the Johnsons
The Penis Song – Momus
Rodeo Butterfly – The Bran Flakes
Sensuous – Cornelius
Dirty Trash Hands (demo) – Darling Freakhead
Hirsute Honey – Stikman
Don’t Go No Further – Koko Taylor
The Cock Crows at Midnight – Victor Krummenacher
Your Spears – Crystal Antlers
Saran Wrap – Dengue Fever
(Untitled – Steven Clark)
Asian Girl – Rachel
Life Defying (edit) – Matt Lebofsky

Sorry, Matt, your song gets cut off at the end. We make it up to you in a later podcast.

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