AAT #013 (03-20-09): The Texture of Noise

For lucky Argyll #13, we really brought the UB. Starting with an eerie silence, we soon filled the webwaves with some nods to the original AAT show and lots and lots of texture. This show features clips recorded in August, 1986 from On the Verge, a show astonishingly still on the air at people’s radio KKUP, Cupertino (Cowabunga!).

Given that this is our noise show, you can expect to hear a few improvised audio collages among the pop songs and experimental pieces. Together, let’s explore The Texture of Noise.

Orses Opera – Crawling with Tarts
Solar Drums – Sun Ra
Tomorrow Never Knows Slowed Down and Sped Up
Beatles – John Oswald
Indeterminacy – John Cage with David Tudor
Two Friends – Dan Deacon (left channel only – doh!)
Won’t You Keep Us Working – The Residents
Study for Player Piano #14 – Conlon Nancarrow
Chloe – Spike Jones and His City Slickers
Persuasive Conditioning – The Bran Flakes
Pretender – John Oswald
Hippopotami – Chris Watson
Volver Volver – Antonio Eugenio Martinez
Andimal Collective – Andy Cowitt
Étude aux Chemins de Fer – Pierre Schaeffer
For the Trees – Matmos
The Willsaphone Stupid Show (excerpt) – Negativland
Fire on the Mountain – The Blitzoids
Drone Gnomes – Big City Orchestra
Yellow, Black and Rectangular – Negativland
Melancholia – William Basinski
Requiem for a Doll – Steven Clark
Kill Your Gods – Pandas of Black Metal
Cap the Knife – Fred Frith
Live at the Metro, Kyoto – DJ Eye
Kaleidophon (Strict) – Carter Scholz

Not sure if the track order is exactly right above, but you get the idea.

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