AAT #011 (01-16-09): Crazy Kids & Delirious Divas

For our very special eleventh Argyll, we’re joined by Carl and Larry, who bring along some records that allow us to explore to its fullest the theme, Crazy Kids & Delirious Divas.

Children’s Holiday – The McGuire Sisters
Crackerjack – Angela Cartwright
I Am a Puppet – Geri Kelly
Banana Splits Theme – The Dickies
(Baja Marimba Band)
Dream Along with Bozo – Bozo the Clown (Larry Harmon)
Ding Dong Dandy Time – Bozo the Clown (Larry Harmon)
The Mama Doll Song – Patti Page
It’s Fun to Live for Jesus – Floyd Robinson
? – Frances Cannon, The Singing Psychic
Come on Baby Rock – Grade 1 and 2 Song and Tap
Explosive Vocal Percussion – Myrna March
I Like You – Freshly Wrapped Candies
Clock Out – Devo
Kiddies with the Curl on Top – Sing Along with Marci
The Little Rooster Song – Almeda Riddle
‘Tsalright ‘Tsalright – Señor Wences
Child’s Guide to Grownups – Jack Gilford
Children’s Games – Amy Sedaris
Kitty Kat’s Party – Rosemary Clooney
(Last of the Red Hot Llamas – Baja Marimba Band)
Let’s Get Together – Hayley Mills
Fill Your Heart with Love Today – Tiny Tim
The Sea is Full of Medusas – Carl with Records
Boy Meets Girl – Marlo Thomas & Mel Brooks
I Get Around – The Langley Schools Project
Walking Eagle – Anubian Lights
The Red Rock Rock Song – from The Flintstones Meet Bambi
Woody Woodpecker – Dan Deacon
(How Much is that Doggie in the Window? – Baja Marimba Band)
The Object of My Affection – Jonathan and Darlene Edwards
A Fanciful Retreat – Sereta
Twinkle – The Residents
The New Zoo Revue Theme – The New Zoo Revue
Yellow Submarine – Mrs. Miller
It’s a Sunshine Day – The Brady Bunch
Little Lamb – Rose Murphy
They’re Laughing at Me Now – The Bran Flakes
Relax – The Bran Flakes
Follow the Groove Modulations – The Bran Flakes
Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly – Flipper

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