AAT #009 (11-21-08): What We’re Thankful For

Oof. Technical difficulties mean the Blooper record played longer at the beginning than planned. My intro may have gone on a bit too long as well. I was really feeling it, since I was about to join the growing ranks of the unemployed. Anyway, here’s the playlist for Argyll Adventure Tree #009, What We’re Thankful For.

Classic Boners
Dear God – XTC
Golden Age – TV on the Radio
Jam – Charles Bukowski
Mess Around – Ray Charles
The Bleeding Heart Show – The New Pornographers
Blank Frank – Brian Eno
You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla) – The Dickies
Driving School – Pylon
(Ping Pong Percussion – Chuck Sagle and His Orchestra)
Brand New Heartache – The Everly Brothers
Year One – X
Vision of Repair – Parts & Labor
Cannons at the Courthouse – Devin Davis
(Ping Pong Percussion – Chuck Sagle and His Orchestra)
Until You Come Back to Me – Aretha Franklin
Help You Ann – The Lyres
Ivo – The Cocteau Twins
Williams Blood – Grace Jones
Herringbone – Department of Eagles
Don’t Call Me in the Morning – Josh Fix
Player Piano Study #3a – Conlon Nancarrow
Burn, Piano Island, Burn – Blood Brothers
Song from Vision Creation Newsun – The Boredoms
(Kopanitsa – Ivo Papasov and His Bulgarian Wedding Band)
Thanksgiving Prayer – William S. Burroughs

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