Spooky! AAT #008 – a Halloween Argyll and a four-hour Spooktacular!

I’m preparing for our annual Halloween Radio show (by the way, Halloween is my favorite time of year), and so I went back and listed the songs from last year’s Halloween Radio show. This year’s Spooky Argyll will be co-hosted by the Argyll folks and the UB folks. It will be a four-hour spooktacular, and you should listen in.

I know I’m jumping around a bit, here, but since I typed this sucker out, this is what we have for now. I’ll get back to the other episodes.

You can listen to last year’s Halloween Show here.

Here’s the playlist:

Argyll Adventure Tree Show # 8 (10/17/08)
gothic archies – scream & run away
the shaggs – it’s halloween
sounds from ‘chilling thrilling sounds of the haunted house’
spellbound – siouxsie and the banshees
the witch – the sonics
the demon spell for energy – louise heubner
evil – 45 grave
the lurch dance – ted cassidy
she said – hasil adkins
if you have ghosts – roky erickson
ghost on the highway – gun club
ghost of a chance – garland jeffries
music from ‘carrie’
the jezebel spirit – david byrne & brian eno
skeletons – the inflatable boy clams
more from disney’s ‘haunted mansion’
the perfect murder (demo) – the glove
your pet cat – chilling thrilling sounds of the haunted house
hello skinny – the residents
spooks in space – perrey & kingsley
the hanging man – the legendary pink dots
superstition – stevie wonder
ghost rider – the gories
goo goo muck – the cramps
run spook run – rod keith
rockin’ bones – ronnie dawson
spooky – dusty springfield
purple people eater – judy garland
because i do – x


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