AAT #006 (07-18-08): Not That 80’s Show

After Argyll #005 seemed too chock full of music from the 1980’s, a backlash was inevitable. So here’s Argyll #006, recorded on Andy’s 43rd birthday, with the wide-open theme, Not That 80’s Show, featuring nearly three hours of absolutely nothing released in the ’80’s (OK, Michael cheated a little). Turns out there was good music before 1980 and after 1989. Who knew? This podcast features special guest DJ, Susan Bradley, of the Guilty Measures show on 9th Floor Radio.

People (We’re Only Gonna Live So Long) – Alejandro Escovedo
Statement – Boris
Aish Ye Kdish – Charming Hostess
Philadelphia Freedom – Elton John
[Composition No. 286: Part 1 (Excerpt) – Anthony Braxton]
Cannons at the Courthouse – Devin Davis
Birthday Boy – The Residents
The Birthday Song – Luther “Luke Skyywalker” Campbell
Birthday Boy – The Geraldine Fibbers
Happy Birthday, Ralph (Live) – Atom and His Package
Sister Self-Doubt – Shakes
[Excerpt from “The Bewitched” – Harry Partch]
Eye on the Dollar- Citay
We Call Upon the Author to Explain – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
A Picture of Milk – The Lower Animals
Cold Night for Alligators – Roky Erickson
Seven Bridges Road – Dolly Parton
Off-Minor – Thelonious Monk
If You Would Have Traveled on the 93 North Today – The Negro Problem
[Composition No. 286: Part 4 (Excerpt) – Anthony Braxton]
Ketto – Bonobo
Dans ma ville – Keren Ann
Beautiful and Light – Tunng
Unemployed in Summertime – Emiliana Torinni
La salida de lima – Gustavo Sandoval
Laisse Tomber Les Tabous – Andrea Parisi
Amoureux d’une Affiche – Laura Ulmer
Jimi et parti – Anouk
Return to Patagonia – Lemon Jelly
[Silver Apples of the Moon (excerpt) – Morton Subotnik]
? – William S. Burroughs
Buggin’ – The Flaming Lips
Asa Sa – Fred Fisher
Laughing Rag – Roy Smeck
Cherokee – Bobby Enriquez
April – The Mutton Birds
Going North – Sonya Hunter
[Chopin Mazurka – Arthur Rubinstein]
The Courtesan Has Sung – Sunset Rubdown
Devil’s Got Your Mind – The San Francisco TKO’s
State Farm – Yaz(oo)
Amazona – Roxy Music

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