AAT #003: Bad audio drives us cuckoo! (3-13-08)

The theme was “Cuckoo!” Technical problems led to some very crunchy audio. I think it might be 8-bit. Most of the show is unavailable, though two short files are here so you can hear for yourself how bad it sounded. Consider yourself warned, though: if you listen, it might drive you Cuckoo!

Sweat Loaf – Butthole Surfers
The Laughing Record #1
Let’s Go Crazy – Prince & the Revolution
Revolution sped up and slowed down
Não Vá Se Perder Por Aí – Os Mutantes
Volver – Antonio Eugenio Martinez
New Kind of Kick – The Cramps
Get Happy – Judy Garland
Nervous Breakdown – Eddie Cochran
Mental Decay – The Residents
Like a Monkey in a Zoo – Daniel Johnston
I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby – Fats Waller

That’s all I can reconstruct from the recorded fragments we have. If I find an actual written playlist, I’ll add the rest of the tunes we played on this show. I’m pretty sure they included the following:

Cuckoo in the Clock – Lena Horne
Cuckoo Cuckoo – Animal Collective
I Killed the Cuckoo – The Geraldine Fibbers
Absolutely Cuckoo – The Magnetic Fields

Yes, we can sometimes run the risk of hitting the theme squarely on the head. In our defense, we do have several songs in our collection that include the word “cuckoo” in the title that we did not play on the show. I’m sure if Rich knew, he would never forgive us for omitting “Cuckoo Cocoon.” So don’t tell him.

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