Argyll Adventure Tree show #1 : 1-31-08

Here’s our first show for Ninth Floor Radio. It was broadcasted on 1-31-08, and the theme was “Peace War”. You can listen to the show here:

Here’s the playlist:

peace war – spot 1019
the punch line – minutemen
war – edwin star
eve of destruction – the dickies
might makes right – camper van beethoven
the cannon song – stan ridgeway
generals & majors – xtc
war hero – antibalas
(we don’t need this) fascist groove thing – heaven 17
tank – stranglers
time zones – negativland
wartime – lynda barry
forecast fascist future – of montreal
boredoms – track two (from seadrum/house of sun)
how many miles – ben harper
harvey fierstein – take the flag back
will jesus wash the bloodstains from your hands – exene
peace in the valley – wink martindale
we’re glad it’s all over – capt’n sensible
a beautiful war – robert wyatt
what’s so funny (about peace love and understanding) – elvis costello
peace bone – animal collective
i’m sorry – inflatable boy clams
positive vibrations – soft boys
impeach my bush – peaches
calling occupants of interplanetary craft – the langley school project
i love you – jonathan segel
party up – prince


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